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Whether you’re a first time buyer or have an existing property in which you’re looking to refinance, a quick call to ‘Premier Lending Solutions’ could save time as well as save you money. Spend a few moments exploring our Loan Calculators .

First Home Owners

Purchasing your first home is most likely to be the biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make. This is a very exciting step for everyone, but one that comes with an endless amount of questions. Questions like ‘how do mortgages work?’, ‘how do I find the right mortgage?’ and the big question, ‘how much can I borrow?’ That’s where ‘Premier Lending Solutions’ comes in, our role is to take the stress away and do all of the legwork for you, including comparing products from over 40 different lenders.



Buying your next Property

There comes a time in your life when you may wish to consider refinancing your existing loans. If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, if maybe time to contact us at ‘Premier Lending Solutions

  • Has there been an interest rate change since the last times you reviewed your mortgage?
  • Is your fixed-rate term about to end? Or recently ended?
  • Has it been awhile since you last looked at the details your mortgage?
  • Have your circumstances recently changed (i.e. relationship changes, children, work or travel)?
  • Are you thinking of upgrading your current house? Or looking to renovate?
  • Are you planning to purchase a new car?
  • Would you like to purchase an investment property?
  • Are you struggling to pay debts from credit card, mortgage, or personal loans?

Sometime we need that extra cash flow to help us with those projects and big dreams. If you have equity in your home then ‘Premier Lending Solutions’ can help you access some of these extra funds when you most need it.

You finally found that dream home. There only one small problem – you are yet to sell your current house yet. What do you do?

Bridging Finance (or Home to Home Finance) could be the answer. Bridging Finance enable you to buy your dream house without having to sell your current home immediately. Most lenders offer up to 12 months of Interest Only repayments during this period; there is less pressure on you to sell your home quickly.

For more information on how Bridging Finance may assist you to buy your dream house, please call ‘Premier Lending Solutions’ on (03) 5176 5556 or 0411 793 697 or contact us online.